‘Misalliance’ at Segerstrom Stage, South Coast Repertory

SCR and GBS—a relationship that has wowed theatre audiences with stellar productions and countless awards. Now the fun begins anew, and Shaw is at his mischievous best, turning his sharp wit to the relationship between parents and children. While the elders argue ideas and morals, the younger generation longs for action, adventure, love and independence. Especially Hypatia, who is tired of all the talk and ready for something to happen. Finally it does!

Like many (if not all) of Shaw’s plays, Misalliance is about upper class hypocrisy, with the addition of parent-child relationships, love, marriage and politics. This elegant production is for everyone, middle school and above, although with a running time of more than two hours (every minute witty and wonderful), young people with short attentions spans could get antsy. But they will be able to identify with Hypatia, who is bored with the talk, talk, talk of her elders and ready for something exciting to happen, and they’ll be amazed when it does!

Previews: September 10-16, 2010
Opening Night: September 17, 2010
Regular Performances: September 18 – October 10, 2010

Segerstrom Stage, South Coast Repertory, 655 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa

Tickets: $28-$66

Order Tickets: 714-708-5555

Website: www.scr.org

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