Frank Lloyd Wright Homes For Sale: The Coonley House

While located a long way from my home in Orange County, California, this is an interesting home for sale created at the hand of Frank Lloyd Wright that holds a special place for me personally. In his 1932 autobiography, Wright described the Coonley Home as his "best house." In keeping with its designer’s high praise, every subsequent owner has gone to great lengths, and even greater expense, to steward the home into the 21st century.

My mom, step-dad Henry, and baby sister Cathi lived in Riverside, IL back in the mid-1960s when I was around ten years old. One of my fondest memories was attending a kid’s birthday party with fellow classmates from the local elementary school at the Coonley House in around 1965. I remember thinking how special the house was, and credit the experience for starting my life-long interest in architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright design.

The home was purchased in 2000 by the current owners who made painstaking efforts to rehabilitate the property. Tile floors were restored by hand; a living room mural was recreated by artisans from a small remnant of the original; and all the electrical equipment was brought up to modern standards with great detail spent to follow Wright’s initial design.

Location: Riverside, IL
Year: 1909
Price: $2.59 M


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