Ways for investors to build wealth through real estate investments

There are two common ways for investors to build wealth through real estate investments: equity buildup and cash flow growth.


Single Family Homes as Investments

  1. Equity buildup: As property values appreciate and debt is paid down, equity buildup occurs and, as a result, an investor’s net worth increases.
  2. Cash flow growth: A steady stream of unearned income comes from rental payments. This positive cash flow comes when an investor buys a property at a good price, finances the purchase wisely, and controls expenses.

By having a financial strategy, investors have the goal to “Buy it right — Pay it down — Pay it off!” This means:

  1. Buy it right: An investor should make sure they are getting a good deal on a purchase. This will ensure the best equity buildup and cash flow growth possible.
  2. Pay it down: As the investor pays down the loan, they will increase their equity buildup.
  3. Pay it off: Paying the property off will result in a stream of unearned income, where the investment starts to generate profit.

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