Something to think about this Fourth of July Holiday: My #HealthVet

With the Fourth of July holiday taking place this week, our thoughts turn to those who’ve made this day possible – our veterans.

Marine CorpsMy HealtheVet is the Veteran Administration’s Personal Health Record. It is designed for Veterans, Service members, their Caregivers and others. As Caregivers, you are welcome to visit My HealtheVet to access trusted health information, and get facts about VA benefits and services. Access is easy and convenient — anywhere the internet is available. If you do not have internet service at home, public computers with internet access may be available at your local public library or the nearest VA medical center library may have them set up for patient use.

My HealtheVet is a great resource for health education with web pages on a wide range of topics. You can access the online medical libraries to learn about medical conditions, medical tests, medications and other useful medical information. If you simply want to look up health information, you do not need to register. However, to get the full range of services for My HealtheVet, you do need to register and create a basic user account. When you register on My HealtheVet, you gain access to tools that can help you track and monitor your health. As a registered user, you can build your own personal health record that you manage and control yourself.

Many may think My HealtheVet is for Veterans only. However, others, to include Caregivers, are certainly encouraged to establish their very own Personal Health Record.

Learn more:


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