My HOA and property management company doesn’t do their job? Now what? #HOA

We received an interesting question from one of our readers we thought we’d share with you for your thoughts and comments:

“I bought a new home from a nationally-ranked builder last year.  I’m learning that in my new neighborhood of  single family homes, the HOA and the HOA property management company has done a very poor job at enforcing the most basic community rules – with especially poor enforcement of resident/homeowner landscaping and exterior maintenance rules.

What can I do when approximately 15% of the residents/landlords/renters in my brand new neighborhood allow home exterior landscaping to deteriorate to the point of blight?

On my street, numerous examples of homeowners allowing weeds to grow to nearly waist high. I have inquired and reported several extreme instances of neighborhood blight, with no meaningful results.

Parking rules enforcement is simply non-existent, with many residents parking illegally, including parking on the “wrong” side of the street.

Rules against overnight street parking are ignored, and candidly are not practical due to limited off-street parking.

This is especially troublesome since the builder’s employees represent the majority of the HOA board. Can I sue the HOA?”