How to stop Twitter from seeing what mobile apps you’ve installed


In case you missed it in the run-up to the Thanksgiving weekend, [company]Twitter[/company] is rolling out a new feature called “app graph,” in which the service tracks all of the apps a user has installed on their mobile device. As my colleague Carmel DeAmicis noted when she wrote about the new feature, Twitter isn’t the only one doing this — other companies such as Facebook also do it to a limited extent, and the ability to grab this information is built into both iOS and Android.

According to Twitter, this indexing is being done to help “build a more tailored experience for you on Twitter” — in other words, to come up with recommended content you might be interested in. It plans to do this by a) using the apps to help improve “who to follow” suggestions by comparing the apps you have to those other users have, b) adding…

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