Now there’s an eco-chic way to store your fresh produce, make it last longer in the refrigerator, and reduce the amount of plastic in the environment, all while supporting a good cause.

Ann’s Honor told us about their new Green Market-Fresh Bags, the first in a forthcoming line of products featuring the original illustrations of Ann Clark.

Several years prior to her diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease, Mrs. Clark created a series of impeccably detailed illustrations for a cookbook. Mrs. Clark’s family has given the drawings a new life by using them to adorn eco-friendly products for the company named after her. And in Ann’s Honor, they tell us they’ll donate 10% of their profits to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

  • Designed, printed and manufactured in the United States
  • Made from breathable unbleached natural cotton
  • Washable, reusable, and long-lasting
  • Able to extend the refrigerator shelf-life of your fresh fruits and vegetables by allowing ventilation, unlike plastic bags which trap spoilage-inducing ethylene gas emitted by produce
  • Offered in three sizes perfect for both storage and shopping – bag weight is printed on the bags so that grocery checkers can accurately weigh your produce.
  • ​A beautiful way for you to reduce the amount of harmful plastic in the environment

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