Have you Googled your Home lately?

If not, you may want to consider it.

Googling your home address can not only be a way to learn some history about your home – or neighborhood, it could also uncover some incorrect information associated with your address.

This is NOT a Cable Company office location!

This is NOT a Cable Company office location!

I discovered the power of Google over my home not too long ago when FedEx started delivering boxes to my front door, addressed to the local cable company, using my home address.

A few days later, a nice woman knocked on my front door, thinking it was an office of the local cable company wishing to return a cable box. Another fellow showed up thereafter to pay his bill.

If you saw my home, you would not hardly confuse it – or any other house in the neighborhood – as a commercial address appropriate for a cable company payment location.

After Googling the name of the cable company to advise them that folks were shipping hardware and stopping by to pay their bill, I was surprised to see that MY address was listed as the local office of this national cable service provider. Google was even nice enough to include a photo of my home, courtesy of that Google car which snaps pictures of street views. The REAL cable office location wasn’t even listed!

After more than a few phone calls to FedEx to correct their delivery issues, the local FedEx office told me that they used google to correct addresses (apparently the old cable office moved – creating a redirect delivery to my house).

I finally wrote a letter to the number three executive at Google to remove the association between my house and the cable company.  I’m pleased to say the reference on Google and Google Maps disappeared three days after sending my letter.

My lesson for you?  Simply Google your address and see what comes up! Then, take it from there.