The Jaws House

Interesting article on architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his Ennis and Millard homes in Los Angeles.


Nineteen Twenty-Six must have been a busy year for Lloyd Wright. He was supervising the construction of both the Ennis House and the Alice Millard House for his father, as well as beginning construction on his own projects with the Derby House, the Calori House, and probably, his most famous house of the period, the Sowden House.

The Sowden House is also known as the Jaws House, as its front entrance resembles the gapping mouth of a great white shark.


The Wrights, both father and son, were great believers in the concept of “contract and release” whereas the entrance to a house was a cave-like narrow tunnel that lead into the wide open expanse of a broad living space. In few of their homes is this more abundantly clear as when one comes out from underneath the “shark’s mouth” and steps into a paradisiac courtyard of the Sowden…

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