I’m the luckiest loser on the Planet!

I love  surveys that put California (my home state) at the bottom of these lists…  Chief Executive Magazine ranked California “last” on their ranking list of best places to do business. (Read it at http://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-business/2015/)

Dan and Sony Stiel 2011California is 50th on their list, but according to the author, California “added more private-sector jobs since the recession ended than any other state, at 1.5 million; and remains home to more venture capital, patents, tourism, Fortune 500 companies, agriculture, biotech and manufacturing output than any other state.”

I suppose if you add the seemingly endless recreational and educational opportunities, environmental stewardship, and the world’s best weather (at least in my hometown of Orange County), then if all of the above makes California a loser on their list, count me among the luckiest losers on the planet to have grown-up in the Golden State!