A special message to our veterans and their families.

With nearly 130,000 veterans and their respective family members residing in Orange County, we always like to share information relevant to all veterans who honorably served our Country and to their families for their sacrifices.

Please visit  www.veterans.ocgov.com for more information regarding various programs and services for Orange County veterans and their families.

Caregivers Video Series for Caregivers Caring for a Veteran with Dementia

To educate and aid Veteran caregivers, the Office of Rural Health funded the following caregiver video series, each of which are broken up into modules on specific topics. If you would like a DVD copy of the modules, or if you have questions or feedback, please call 801-582-1565 ext. 2770 or email the Veterans Rural Health Resource Center – Salt Lake City and mention the specific video module title(s) you are interested in receiving.

 “Information and Support for In-Home Dementia Caregivers
Most people with dementia experience behavioral changes as their condition progresses, which can become challenging and distressing for caregivers to manage. Video series one portrays Harold and Margaret, as they face common issues surrounding dementia in-home care, including home safety, legal matters, problem behaviors, and relaxation techniques. View the series of 20 modules broken into specific topics. Click here to watch this video series.

Managing Dementia Behaviors: ABC’s for Caregivers

Series two portrays Terri and Frank a couple coping with Frank’s progressing dementia, to illustrate ways to communicate with and get help for someone with dementia. This series teaches the ABC Model, a method that caregivers can apply to the most troublesome or frustrating behaviors associated with dementia to help reduce or eliminate them. Click here to watch this video series.