Scooters turned us off on San Diego

We’re giving second thoughts about making another weekend vacation to San Diego anytime soon.  The reason? SCOOTERS…IMG_0201.JPG

We love making a quick vacation getaway to San Diego… or at least we used to…

The most obnoxious part of our trip to San Diego recently was dealing with tripping over the thousands of scooter littered absolutely everywhere. The beach, boardwalks, neighborhood sidewalks, Balboa Park, downtown, everywhere…

If you’re not tripping over them, you’re having to dodge the inexperienced rider/idiots – children and adults – wobbling and weaving out-of-control down the crowded sidewalks.

If that’s not bad enough, you have to pick them up and move them just to get out of your parking spot like I had to.

I wonder if San Diego lawmakers realize what a negative turn-off and a black-eye on the city all this trash is? Sure, I’d bet Lime and Bird will eventually go broke, but I’m not willing to wait. I’ll just take everyone somewhere without the hazards.

The fix is simple… The city needs to make these scooter companies set-up “scooter racks” where riders must pick-up and drop off these trashy trip hazards. – and keep them off pedestrian sidewalks and onto bike trails and/or streets – especially tourist zones.

O.K., I feel better… for now!