The OC & Coronavirus: We’ll try to keep you posted

My dad used to say, “When our neighbor is unemployed, it’s a recession. When we’re unemployed, it’s a depression.”

I feel like we could say the same about the current health crisis impacting our family and friends in Orange County and beyond.

Given the gravity of the current situation, we’ll try and share the most important local news from across various media outlets – both local and national, that we think you might find especially useful in our local communities which you might otherwise miss.

In most instances, we’ll share a headline and a few key details, with a link to the original media story. Our local media and government agencies continue to be the best source of current news and information. We simply hope to highlight some of the less-prominent stories.

We’ll still share our favorite fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and other stories, because we hope (and believe) it can lift spirits and provide a needed positive distraction from the headlines.

We wish you all the best as all of us face this unprecedented health crisis.