The OC & COVID-19: Show respect & be safe.

Please, don’t disrespect the thousands of Orange County health care professionals, first responders, and everyday people on the front lines making sure you have what you need most – from food and essential services by ignoring guidelines designed to keep you, our community and the people you care about safe.

Little Girl Painting CookiesThese professionals are often making unimaginable personal sacrifices to be at your side for everyday and extraordinary emergencies beyond COVID-19, from heart attacks to fire emergencies, groceries to upset tummies, and much more.

Portrait of two girls in the woods girlfriendsGiven the gravity of the current situation, we’ll try and share the most important local news from across various media outlets – both local and national, that we think you might find especially useful in our local communities which you might otherwise miss.

Family Eating An Al Fresco MealIn most instances, we’ll share a headline and a few key details, with a link to the original media story. Our local media and government agencies continue to be the best source of current news and information. We simply hope to highlight some of the less-prominent stories.

We’ll still share our favorite fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and other stories, because we hope (and believe) it can lift spirits and provide a needed positive distraction from the headlines.